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Brady turns 3! | Sugar Land + Richmond + Houston Photography

My son Brady turned 3 years old! Kids grow up so fast don’t they? It was hard for me to believe how old he looks for only being three years old, but then at his three year appointment we were told he is in the 95th percentile for height (taller than 95% of kids his age) so now I guess he really does look big!

We took Brady to Telfair to capture some photographs. Sugar Land has several great locations for taking photographs, there are even several places just within Telfair. This is his first photo shoot where he actually listened to me:-)  In the past we’ve just had to capture him doing his own thing, but its nice for him to be at an age where he is able to take some direction, even if just the smallest amount, not bad for a toddler!

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Photo Booth at Alyssa’s Baby Shower | Sugar Land + Richmond Photography

This “Photo Booth” was fun for the girls at Alyssa’s shower! This idea could be fun at many different events! Focus Perfection can provide everything needed to make fun memories for your event with a Photo Booth!

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